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What do I need to do?

  1. Contact our office to make sure we can appropriately address your medical concerns through a telemedicine visit.   
  2. Contact your insurance company to inquire about your urgent care telemedicine coverage.
  3. Reserve your spot at the below link.
  4. Complete the pre-registration documents (our staff will provide you a 4-digit registration code).
    1. Consent, HIPPA Privacy, and Authorizations
    2. Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) for Telemedicine
    3. Credit Card Pre-Authorization
  5. Check your phone for a telemedicine confirmation message along with your ESTIMATED visit time.
  6. Anticipate a phone call from our staff to obtain your medical history and to discuss payment information.
  7. Expect to receive a reminder five (5) minutes before your visit along with our “TeleMed Zoom” link. 
  8. Click on the "TeleMed Zoom" link to begin your virtual visit with our doctor. 


We believe the best medicine necessitates a personal, hands-on touch, but sometimes telemedicine can be a convenient and safe alternative to an office visit.  However, certain medical conditions are too complex for telemedicine, and some virtual visits may still require an in-office consultation.  For this reason, all telemedicine requests need pre-approval by our doctors to assure that it is appropriate for your complaint. 

NOTE: Some insurance companies require telemedicine approval.  Please directly contact your insurance company to check if your plan covers urgent care telemedicine.