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Is it possible to be seen sooner than the estimated time?

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Is the estimated time provided the time I will see the doctor?

No, it holds your place in line.  The time provided is our best estimated time. Since we accept patients on a walk-in basis, it is not possible for us to provide appointment times.

Clockwise MD gives you the flexibility to grab groceries, a cup of coffee, or even your children from the school bus! We will text you on your mobile device when it's time to return.

We appreciate the feedback from patients regarding their care but we've also been told and understand that no one likes waiting to see the doctor. Walk-in appointments are convenient, but they make it impossible to predict volume and wait times. Sometimes, our lobby may be completely empty... and in 30 minutes, completely full. For this reason, we have partnered with Clockwise MD, a patient queue portal, which we hope will minimize waiting during those unpredictable busy times.

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Will there be any additional wait once I am in an exam room?

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There will likely be some additional wait.  This time varies based on the complexity of other patients already in exam rooms. 

If you remain in the lobby, it is possible that you may be seen sooner. If you choose to wait outside of the office, you will be sent a text shortly before your time slot or updated as to an expected delay if necessary.

What happens if I choose to leave and wait outside the office?

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Hepatitis A/B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever

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Does Clockwise MD guarantee an appointment time?

It is the approximate time you can expect to be called back into an exam room.

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