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Kelly Marie Devine heard rumors that a new urgent care would be opening soon in her hometown.  One day, while we were still under construction, Kelly knocked on our door. It didn’t take long for her to convince us that she possessed the kind of experience we needed to help start our new practice. In fact, it was Kelly who took the risk by signing on with a team of new owners who had no experience in managing an urgent care center.  A few months later, Kelly was at our side when we opened our doors on December 8, 2008. She was our first and only employee who was not a relative.  And although she was not an owner, spouse, sibling, or child of a partner, she immediately took ownership in our practice and became a member of our SVUC family.  Kelly’s urgent care experience would prove invaluable as she influenced many of the processes and culture that still exist in our practice today.

In 2011, life would take Kelly in a different professional direction, but not before leaving her indelible mark.  Like any family member, Kelly continued to keep in touch even after she relocated to Southern California.  Just weeks before Kelly’s untimely death, she dropped in to say hello during a visit to New Jersey. She spoke with excitement about her job and her southern California lifestyle of sun and surf.  Kelly clearly embraced this new chapter in her life in the same way she had previously poured her heart and soul into her new adventure with SVUC.

On our 10th anniversary, we wish to posthumously recognize Kelly for her fierce dedication to Somerset Valley Urgent Care.  We wish to collectively express our deepest gratitude and recognize her contribution to our success. She will forever be in our hearts...

December 8, 2018